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BBQ Rosemary - Salvia rosmarinus

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'BBQ' is a particularly upright and straight stemmed variety of common rosemary, so upright that its stems can be used as flavored kebab skewers, hence the variety name. 

A few years back we trialed an handful of more exotic rosemary cultivars to see how they handle FL conditions (namely resistance/tolerant to root knot nematodes, a common pest which seems to effect some rosemaries more than others). We were delighted to find 'BBQ' to be well adapted and unique. 

As a Mediterranean plant, with full sun and amended well draining native soil and you should see 'BBQ' get up to 4-6ft tall, and could be utilized as a useful hedge if you desired. After establishment, rosemary is generally complexly carefree, besides pruning to maintain height. Occasionally in areas with poor air circulation you may find fungus attacks the interior of a large well established plant, trimming the bottom out to aide in better air flow can help reduce the instance of this occurring.