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Epazote - Dysphania ambrosiodes

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Epazote is a multi-use  short term perennial plant, native to Mexico, Central and South America. 

A plant with complex secondary chemistry, and having the scent and flavor of every herb under the sun all at once, its somewhat of an acquired taste when eaten as a green vegetable or as a tea but by far its most common use is in its unique anti-flatulant properties when cooked with beans, its most common use culinarily in its native range. 

Its also a garden beneficial with one caveat - its pungent secondary chemistry acts as a masking scent to some pests insects and has some pesticidal qualities but shouldn't be grown directly in the garden but near, as these same chemicals can inhibit growth of nearby plants. Its tiny flowers also attract predatory wasps. Definitely a plants to grow near but not in the garden. Can self seed or seeds can be harvested and planted out elsewhere - need to be surface sown for success. 

The pots we have available have many seedlings in each and can be divided to make your own epazote patch.