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Finley Multiplier Onion - Buy 10 onion starts heirloom multiplier onion

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Finley Onions are a Polk Co heirloom multiplier type onion thats exceptionally well suited to fall to spring growing in Florida. Introduced beyond the family that stewarded this variety for several generation to the gardening community by Josh Jamison from HEART Village/Cody Cove Farm, we're proud to offer this uncommon heirloom variety. 

Finely is summer dormant and it's generally recommended to store these onion bulbs dry indoors during the summer and plant them out in September as their biological clock kicks in and they resprout from dormancy. Most years depending on rainfall and heat, they will go dormant in May or June. 

Plant bulbs spaced a few inches apart- after the original bulb sprouts they will rapidly multiply into a small cluster of 20+ green/scallion type onions. Greens can be harvested or you can pull whole onions and replant the root section to multiply even more. 

Offered in lots of 10 dry dormant bulbs, this amount can easily be multiplies into a few hundred so you can replant many the following year or share with other gardeners. If purchased before September, store indoors in a box or paper bag and plant out in September. If you misplace them and don't plant til later, they should still sprout just fine, this is a very hardy variety. 

Can be grown in ground, raised bed or container. Heavily amdended soil will result in much larger onions but we have also experimented growing them in lightly amended native FL soil and they grow well, the onions are just on the small side.