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Grumichama / Brazilian Cherry - Eugenia brasiliensis

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A small-medium sized tropical "cherry" tree native to southern Brazil, from the same genus as Suriname, Cherry of the Rio and Pitomba. If you want a fruit that's very very close to a northern bing cherry, you can't get much closer than Grumichama. Very productive after maturing, expect a large spring and occasional small summer crop yearly of dark red/purple sweet cherry flavored fruits with a single larger pit. 

Having higher water demands that some other Eugenias, a consistently moist and well amended site is ideal for consistent fruit production. Can be grown singly as it's self pollinating but like all Eugenias, having multiple trees results in higher fruit set. These small seedlings will usually begin to bear within 4-5 years and are naturally slow growing, with a typical height around 15ft after many years. It's wide glossy leaves, dense growth and white flowers makes for a suitable hedge species.