Jamiacan/Puerto Rican Oregano/Fine Leaf Thyme - Lippia micromera

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Given its common names, this verbena species is not a true oregano or thyme but regardless widely appreciated in many parts of the Caribbean and South and Central America for its rich concentrated oregano like scent and flavor. 

A small perennial shrub somewhat sprawling but with a tidy spray of upright branches dotted by tiny leaves typically around 2-3 foot tall, Jamaican oregano fits just as well in a food forest or perennial herb garden as it does a few feet from the kitchen door so you can grab a few leaves if you forgot to pick earlier. At our location in zone 9b central Florida, this species will occasionally take frost damage if we get a freeze in the high 20s but is incredibly resilient and root hardy and bounces right back when warm weather returns. After establishment this species is generally good on its own and very well adapted to central FL but may need to be irrigated in the dry season. 3.5 inch pot