Katuk / Sweet Leaf - Sauropus androgynus

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Probably our most consumed perennial green, katuk is an excellent addition to your food forest, growing well from almost full shade to full sun we find it makes the most satisfactory leaves for eating with a little bit of shade. 

A perennial bushy plant that can be trimmed back while harvesting to maintain height, this species tender shoots can be picked and leaves quickly stripped off for fast harvest. Leaves are a treasure trove of protein, vitamins and minerals and taste of fresh peas. Can be eaten raw or cooked, it finds itself in soups and stir fries most commonly for us. In the fall small red flowers are bore under the leaf branches and small edible pea like fruits follow up flowering. 

We offer two types, 'ECHO' which we got from ECHO in Fort Myers which has dappled variegation in the leaves and grows in a singular clump, and 'Runner' which has a stoloniferious growth habit and over time will become a thicket of katuk, recommended for larger personal gardens or community gardens where its excess production would be most appreciated.