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Large Leaf Sorrel- Rumex acetosa

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This small perennial plant originally native to Europe with tangy, almost lemony leaves is one of our favorite perennial greens for central FL, as its flavor lends it to many uses, from salads to soups, and as a cooked green. A small plant that can be "tucked in" along edges of mixed plantings, or dedicate a large container or small raised bed for perennial production. 

Forming a small basal rosette, leaves can be collected nearly year round for use, with the most tender growth for salads being baby leaves and the leaves collected during cooler months. Occasionally attacked by insect pests in the summer, plants will readily spring back to life as the cool temperatures of the fall return yearly. After a year or so of growing, plants can be propagated from root divisions to help make a small perennial patch of greens that will last many years- can also be planted from seed but its not the most consistent seed producer in our climate. Can be grown in dappled shade to nearly full sun, this species definitely prefers rich, well amended soil for best and more tender growth. 

Our favorite way to use large leaf sorrel is as a mixed salad green and there's many Eastern European soup recipes, usually translated into "green borscht" that are great lighter but hearty main course type soups where sorrel is the centerpiece.