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Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum buy seedling

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Miracle fruit is a small bushy species distantly related to other tropical fruits in the Sapotaceae family like canistel and Mamey, but unlike those species, Miracle Fruit makes a small, red berry the size of an olive with thin flesh that when eaten and rubbed on the tongue, a glycoprotein called miraculin is released which for all intents and purposes temporarily "shuts off" your sour taste receptors and anything with a sour flavor will taste incredibly sweet for usually 20-30 minutes after.

A bite from a lemon that would normally pucker your face will taste like biting into the sweetest lemon candy. A fun way to trick your tongue, there's also high utility for chemo patients as it helps to boost tastes which are deadened by treatment, and also as a tool for the rare fruit grower- you're able to taste the true flavor of many tropicals that are excessively sour. We really like passionfruit straight out of the fruit with miracle fruit, its one of the most intense tropical flavors we have found.

Sensitive to sub freezing temperatures, miracle fruit plants are naturally small and slow growing, an excellent candidate for container culture in marginal areas. This species can be grown in full sun to full shade but seems happiest in bright dappled shade. Also prefers consistently moist but not boggy acidic soil - many have success fertilizing with azalea/holly specific organic fertilizers that have an acidifying agent in them. 

These small seedling trees will generally take 4-5 years to start fruiting with good care.