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Peanut Butter Fruit Tree - Bunchosia sp. Buy seedling

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Our favorite "yard snack" fruit!

Large shrub to small tree sized exotic subtropical fruit tree with fruits flavored and textured like its namesake. Fruits ripen in small clusters to deep translucent red at this stage they are the sweetest and have a sticky dried fruit/peanut butter flavor and texture. When eaten at the orange/unripe stage they very much have the flavor of a sweet cooked carrot. Definitely a conversation tree to have in the collection. Will damage at temperatures in the mid to high 20s, but is root hardy and will rapidly grow back to small shrub size and fruit in the summer following hard freeze damage if grown in marginal climates. Can also be container grown easily for those renting or in apartments. Fruiting season is sporadic over the warmer months but generally has a heavy 1-2 month long season in the summer to early fall- we consider this an excellent yard snack due to its long consistent harvest instead of ripening many fruits at once- plant it in an area you walk by regularly while working in your food forest. Appreciates some shade but will also be productive in full sun. Good to tuck in between other larger tree species. 

Seedling is shipped in a growbag and is approximately 8-10 inches tall.