Prostrate/Creeping Rosemary - Salvia rosmarinus

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Unlike the other rosemary we offer, prostrate rosemary has a nearly opposite growth habit to 'BBQ' but is equally well adapted to FL conditions but really shines in a few situations - unlike many other rosemary cultivars, this variety has a sprawling, creeping, prostrate habit. What does that mean for your garden? It could be included in a regular in ground garden for sure, but really looks great spilling over a garden wall, container edge or hanging basket. We have a large container of both varieties in our own demo/kitchen garden.

This varieties baby blue flowers and shorter leaves/needles lends itself to being included in more ornamental herb garden situations- a real front yard variety. This and 'BBQ' thrives in FL conditions and in our experience seems more tolerant than other varieties we trialed in the past in regards to leaf funguses and mildews, and root knot nematodes- two pests that make some rosemary cultivars difficult in our humid conditions. Regardless of how well adapted, as a Mediterranean herb, rosemary definitely grows better in well draining mix either in ground or in a container. 

Combine Prostrate rosemary with other herbs or flowers that appreciate similar conditions as your spiller species in a patio container for a useful ornamental culinary display.