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Roselle / Jamaican Sorrel - Hibiscus sabadariffa - buy 6 plant pack

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A wildly popular plant in many tropical parts of the world, Roselle is highly valued for its crimson calyxes which are turned into a popular drink/tea and sometimes into chutnies and jam. It's also appreciated mainly in India and areas with Indian diaspora population as a tangy leaf vegetable known as gongura (the variety we well is mainly used for calyxes but has perfectly edible leaves as well. Gongura types commonly have minimal red coloration and are largely green) 

Resistant to nearly anything Florida summer weather can throw at it, roselle is a great garden species during the summer months. Generally planted out in April/May and harvested in the fall (This species has day length triggered blooming and early planting will result in plants that bloom when very very small and are less productive) Because of this, we only offer these 6 plant packs in April and May usually. 

When the shorter days of fall roll around the plants will bloom heavily and after deep crimson calyxes will appear. These are cut off the plant, the seed pod contained removed (can be used as a pectin source when making jam/jelly)  and they can be boiled/steeped into a tangy tea. Traditionally then sweetened with sugar or honey and additionally flavored with ginger and allspice this refreshing drink is popular around the holidays on many islands of the Caribbean, and is a taqueria agua Fresca staple usually called Flor de Jamaica. 

We off these as a 6 plant pack, plants are generally 6-8 inches tall and ready to be planted immediately upon receiving.