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Sabara Jaboticaba - Plinia cauliflora 'Sabara'

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One of the main commercial jaboticaba varieties, Sabara is a delicious and highly productive Jaboticaba cultivar. Its downside compared to the Red Hybrid we off is Sabara takes about twice as long to fruit. 

Jaboticaba presents a flowering and fruiting habit called cauliflory, where flowers and subsequent fruits are bore directly on the trunk of the trees. For those in small spaces or renters, Jaboticaba have the benefit of a largely shallow fibrous root system and are ideally suited for container culture. Hardy to the mid-high 20s, Jaboticaba have been successfully grown as far north as Gainesville outdoors with minimal cold protection. Prefers dappled shade and moist to nearly boggy acidic soil conditions.  


Plants are in 3.5 inch pots and around 6-8 inches tall. Expect fruiting to take close to 10 years from this size.