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Wildflower Honey - 8oz Fall Flow

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In addition to our plant nursery, food forest and gardens we maintain a small, hobby apiary and produce a limited amount of honey twice a year. We are able to ship our minimally filtered, raw, never heated honey anywhere in the country.

In a typical year, our spring/summer flow consists of wildflower, palmetto, orange blossom and various tropical fruit nectars due to our bees foraging our personal gardens as well as the fields and active citrus groves in our immediate area. This is our milder, more floral tasting flow. Our fall flow is typically a combination of wildflower (mainly goldenrod), Brazilian pepper and raintree nectars, this is typically a stronger flavored honey with peppery undertones. This can change year to year and no batch of honey ever tastes the same, as we do not move our bees and our honey is a true flavor of the area surrounding Practical Plants.